Sunday, February 7, 2010

DECEMBER 2009 -- Courtney, Senior 2010

Hiiillo there, kiddos! Did you have a lovely Christmas? Yes? Good.

Time to get down to business! Remember Erin back from November? Well I recently had the pleasure of shooting her twin sister's senior pictures. Courtney is beeeeautiful and has freaking dreadlocks!


I saw this pile of mashed up boxes in the Walgreen's parking lot and was STOKED and knew we had to put it to good use.



Yum, light.



She is such a lovely person on the inside, but also on the outside. I mean, LOOK AT HER


I had such a fun time on this session. We shot behind a bridge/trash pile, Walgreen's, and in the middle of a neutral ground on a busy shoot. Oh and at a park....with ducks.....and I chased them.

courtneyblog8 courtneyblog7

What? Haha. Thanks for puttin' up with me, Courtney. You're the, and absolutely the sweetest.

L8r Sk8r

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