Sunday, February 7, 2010

DECEMBER 2009 -- Ryan Maddon

hellooo, it's been awhile. :) i've got quite a few photo sessions to blog, so keep on the look out over the next week or so.

ryan is from dallas, tx and came to new orleans to visit some new friends (me included, whee!). before she got here, she inquired about a photo shoot, and once i saw her, i was like, CHYEAH GURL. (you'll see why in the photos... she is gooorgeous). to top it off she is incredibly sweet :)

anyways, PHOTOS:




i srsly dig this one. i need to remind myself in the future that shooting on golf courses is a very good idea.



this photo was taken right before i stepped in the ant pile and it started raining. wheehee.


i love em all! and i love my new friend ryan. it's kind of a bummer though, she lost her voice and was unable to speak much during our whole shoot. haha.

alright, stay tuned!

p.s. my new friend graham took this at the booty trove and caddywhompus show at studio 3 on friday. wheeeeeheee. also, i now respond to the name "photojenny".


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