Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of shooting Alicia's college graduation photos. It was sort of last minute, but we squeezed in a mini-session right before one of my other shoots. I'm glad it worked out -- She's a close friend and it was great to shoot with her for the first time in a few years!

Anyway. This is a good month! I've just booked 6 shoots for the next few weeks... which is not a lot (I used to book that many over a period of one week or less), but I am oh so thankful! I have missed shooting, and it's good to be back in the game.
This is the best job ever.

If you are interested in bookin' some family Christmas photos, e-mail me! jen@guffawchild.com

Alright, see ya! ;)

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  1. You are so talented Jen! :) But it isn't hard to make Alicia look good! I like that you are blogging :)