Sunday, February 7, 2010

JANUARY 2010 -- Favorites of 2009

Yep. Favorite photographs (and paintings) of 2009.

I love these photographs because for a long time I only shot in complete shade and was scared of the sun. Towards the end of this year I started getting braver and using the sun creatively.

I have a big thing for capturing parts of the human body in a photograph or other art mediums. Especially hands. These are two art pieces that I'm really proud of.



I like eyeballs too.


I tend to notice things like similar textures/patterns and repeating colors and shapes. People get weirded out when I point them out, so I usually keep them to myself. But this is one example: I was at a park one day and saw some broken glass and then got really excited when I saw the same shapes, birds, flying around in the sky.


I like these just `cause.



I love this painting. Enough said.


Okay. Now on to photographs that I just love.

Oh c'mon. How could I NOT love this picture? Reason #23495874 why I am moving to Washington.


Me and Anna. She is my kindred spirit. That's all there is to it.


At a camp in Whistler this past summer. These Seattle friendies are very dear to me. They showed me the True Love of Jesus Christ.


This photograph...oh man..... Ben and Riley are two of my favorite brothers.


Me and my pal Nick cracking hundreds of eggs at the homeless shelter one evening. Since then I go by myself a few times a week on my way home from work. It's my favorite. They call me "Smiley" there.


I dressed up like a box of junior mints on October 31st and man....wearing a costume like that sure makes a person feel like they can take on the world!


That is all! The endy. Time for 2010.

Love you.

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