Sunday, February 7, 2010

DECEMBER 2009 -- Liz, Senior 2010

it's been a few weeks, whoops! so, amanda suggested i update the blog (a.k.a. she called me a booger brain), and here i am.

liz called me up and said she would be driving down from shreveport (5 hours away) this past weekend to see a show in new orleans, and asked if i could squeeze a shoot in.

we only had about 30 minutes to photograph before the sun disappeared -- super quick shoot with my ISO settings way up. yuck.

anyway, on to the photos!



there is a small chance we might have been in an alligator nest for this picture. baha!



gorgeous scenery, gorgeous girl. yes please.



even though the shoot was quick and our options were very limited, i had fun fun fun. thanks liz, you're super awesome. other news! lane, cole, amanda and donnie came from oklahoma this past weekend to visit us in new orleans. i loooveee them. they are weird. like me.

i'm not sure exactly what was happening, but cole and lane just, i don't know. look at my face? (photo cred: amanda)




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