Saturday, August 28, 2010

The M Family

Hi interwebz.
It's been a hectic week. I moved to Baton Rouge last weekend and have been getting used to going to class every day this week.
Not really the type of lifestyle I am used to.... I actually temporarily forgot about the internet (was without a connection), photos, etc. But now I am back in the game!

Here's a preview of my most recent shoot. Another baby? You got it!

After having to cancel this particular shoot several times because of bad weather, and having car trouble leading right up to it, I finally had the pleasure of photographing the M family and their darling 7 month old, Evan.

He was all smiles; it was a super enjoyable shoot!

That is all. :)

You'll be hearing from me soon... I'll be taking some more time to get adjusted to my new living space and schedule, but you'll begin getting updates from me again. Still accepting a limited amount of shoots! E-mail me if interested,


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