Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's March...what the trash.

Woweeee I cannot believe that it is March. Seriously. Hey there, time, could ya slow down a bit please? Thank you.

The only things that seem to slow down time for me these days are reading and painting. I painted these this week (sorry for the blurry photograph on the second one, my shutter was at 1/8 of a second):

And I'm currently reading this book on the weekends. I've enjoyed every bit that I've read so far. I would highly recommend it.

Anyway, this is happy news! The non profit I work for is welcoming this family back into their newly rebuilt home on Friday. I really like this photograph I took of them a few months ago when we started on their home and they were still living in a FEMA trailer. So much character....


We finish about two houses a week, so I might start blogging more portraits if you're interested. :)


(the songs, not the videos)

Check out the photography of Eli McFadden... just found him. So talented.
View his art here.

And the mixed media art of Kyle Goderwis, amazing.
View his art here.

Alright, that's all.
Goodnight. :)


P.S. I have a shoot this Saturday, so stay tuned!


  1. Yes Jen! You should definitely post more photos of the families you move back in!

  2. Ooh I love The Arcade Fire AND The Killers. Happy weekend!

  3. that book looks totes interesting. One to put on the TBR!